White Rose
Neon, mirror, and plexiglass
120 cm. x 120 cm. x 18.5 cm. / 47.2 in. x 47.2 in. x 7.2 in.
Edition of 8 plus 4 A.P.

A self-taught visual artist, Emmanuelle Rybojad grew up surrounded by art. Her spellbinding and innovative work reflects a diverse and deep curiosity cultivated by contemporary artistic movements she was introduced to from a young age. This curiosity led Emmanuelle to understand that art is experienced when one pushes one’s limits, guiding her to consider art elsewhere than on the wall.

As an heir to the kinetic movement Emmanuelle constantly seeks to divert objects from their main function and reimagine them in terms of their interactive relationship with the viewer. These enlightened challenges have led her to amazing achievements in artistic hybrid thought, where art is thought of as an experience. Inspired by the symbols of pop culture and the 70s, her workshop includes new materials and uses various media, including mirrors, neon lights, and LEDs, and has created works out of Rubik’s cubes, strips of neon, geometric shapes put into perspective by an assembly of mirrors, and more. Emmanuelle Rybojad’s work is resolutely current, imprinted with a multi-generational modernity that challenges and encourages introspection.

Courtesy of the artist

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