Playgirl, Naomi Campbell, Los Angeles, 1991
Analog black and white print on baryte paper
150 cm. x 100 cm. / 59 in. x 39.37 in.
Edition 1 of 3
Signed by the artist

Ellen von Unwerth is known and loved by the fashion community for her iconic photos. It is her style, which focuses on seductive, provocative women in playful scenarios, that makes her stand out from the rest. Originally a model herself, von Unwerth has a unique perspective on the photography of women. People started to really take note of her work when she was hired by Guess to shoot an up-and-coming model named Claudia Schiffer. The resulting demand for her services led to work for leading magazines like Vogue, Interview, Vanity Fair, and The Face.

In 1991, she won first prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography. Over the years, Von Unwerth has photographed numerous celebrities and entertainers, and her work has graced the covers of albums by leading recording artists such as Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Rihanna.

This iconic photograph of Naomi Campbell is considered an incredible example of von Unwerth’s style and approach. Simultaneously showing Campbell’s unique beauty, seductive nature, and playfulness, this photograph will make an important addition to any collection.

Courtesy of the artist

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